Fee Structure

Please note that all prices on this page are estimates and depending upon the circumstances of your matter the price may vary.The fee earner dealing with your matter will confirm costs with you.

There are a number of ways in which we charge.We are flexible and reasonable about our fees and display our charging rates below.

Time Charge Basis

Our rates are competitive and fees range from 1500RMB -2500RMB an hour for Partners and experienced consultants to 800RMB per hour for our paralegals.The work of our junior staff is supervised by more experienced  solicitors to check that it is carried our correctly .

In litigation matters,there may be some manoeuvrability in costs depending on the seniority of the fee earner engaged with the case and the level of experience of counsel who we instruct to advise and represent you.

Consulting fees standard: Make a list of your questions in order toavoid unnecessary time waste, make a reservation in advance.

Telephone counseling: 1000 RMB

Email consultation: quote depending on the circumstances. Make sure your mail in a normal state and to check your email, ifthere is a problem, you should promptly contact.

Agent fees: After the official entrustment, the received consulting  fees can be set off against the corresponding counsel fees.

Charge Rates

Partners    2000RMB -2500RMB per hour

Consultant Solicitors   1500RMB -2500RMB per hour

Consultant Barristers   1500RMB per hour

Trainee Solicitors    1000RMB -1200RMB per hour

Paralegals    800RMB -1000RMB per hour

Non-legal Consultants  1000RMB - 1500RMB per hour

Fixed Fees

The minimum price will be 10,000RMB.

The part of the amount of the total object up to 100,000RMB shall be charged at 8%.

The part of the amount of the total object between 100,001RMB and up to 1000,000RMB shall be charged at 6%;

The part of the amount of the total object between 1000,000RMB  and up to 10,000,000RMB shall be charged at 4%;

The part of the amount of the total object more than 10,000,000RMB shall be charged at 2%.

No Win No Fee

We offer No Win No Fee or a partial No Win No Fee where there is a reasonably strong claim of success,with counsels advice of at least 60% chance of success.

According to the results of charges, no less than 10,000 RMB,10% -30% of total subject (specific negotiable)


Legal opinions: 2000 -500 000RMB/piece. Double charge for English forms.
Lawyers letter: 2000 -5000 RMB/piece. Double charge for English forms.

Drafting of contracts and articles of association and other legal documents: 2000-10000RMB/piece. Double charge for English forms.
Review or modify the contract and articles of association and other legal documents:2000 -5000RMB/piece.

The above solicitor's fees do not include local transportation, not including legal fees, property preservation fees, execution fees, third party costs and off-site handling the case, the investigation of transportation, accommodation and other costs.

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