With globalization and the lightning fast speed at which information can travel, intellectual property is no longer a simple one country topic. When creative types are dreaming up new content, they need to understand how their intellectual property will be used and paid for on a worldwide basis.The intellectual property of your company is one of the most valuable assets of your business.  

Our intellectual property practice group has years of experience with the management of a wide range of IP, as well as all forms of contractual agreements concerning its protection, transfer, and development.Our lawyers provides integrated, cross-border services strategies to best protect, use and monetize your intellectual property with a worldwide market in mind and local specialist advice when the market is smaller or issues arise.

In particular,  Yijian provides assistance regarding patents, industrial secrets, trademarks, domain names, copyrights, and unfair competition both in and out of court.

At an international level, Yijian has acquired vast experience in providing assistance in negotiating and stipulating contracts for the transfer of technology and know-how, particularly with regard to corporate and other types of joint ventures.

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